show up

you're in charge of the show!

Show Up is Peter Michael Marino's critically acclaimed socially anxious solo comedy that's partially improvised and based on the crazy lives of the audience, who also direct, and run set and sound. Plus, there's a party! Directed by Michole Biancosino + the audience.   


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CRITIC'S PICK CINCY FRINGE: a tour-de-force of improvisation that will be different every time. A highly entertaining performance. Don’t be fooled: Marino knows exactly what he’s doing. - CityBeat, Cincinnati

Hilarious! an improvisational masterpiece. - The Sappy Critic, Cincinnati

★★★★ hilarious! Marino has created a unique hour of entertainment by taking the overplayed solo show format and fashioning an improvised comedy routine that works all the better for the audience’s connection to the source material. - Broadway Baby

★★★★ Show Up stands out! Marino's ultimate message is that even when we're not ready for what the world throws at us, the first step is just to carry on - Fringe Guru

★★★★★ Marino is a performer of great intelligence, wit and enough energy to light up the entirety of The Counting House. - Bunbury Magazine

A whirlwind hour. It is wonderful to see a show like this in the hands of a true professional. - The Scotsman

Marino creates an unforgettable experience and turns audiences into participants and co-creators. - Sick of the Fringe

★★★★ "subverts the clichés and tropes you might expect from a solo performance. provides brilliant laughs and is worth repeat visits." - The Wee Review

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "Rare and special work from the get-go." - Fringe Review

"i laughed from start to end! a keen and witty mind who knows how to take different ideas, meld them together and run with the result." - Edinburgh reporter

★★★★★ "Hilarious! a spot on piece of 'let’s have fun' that works on so many levels." - FRONT row center

"in the end Marino is right, you have to show up!"- Pittsburgh in the round

"often silly, occasionally searing, ultimately affectionate send-up of solo theater performances, interpersonal communication, and the bendable nature of truth." - CHELSEA NOW


"Devilishly subversive. 'Show Up' is worth showing up for." - Orlando Sentinel

"SIDE-SPLITTING. an essential antidote for anyone who has seen one too many actors spill their guts on stage." -Orlando Weekly

"If you like solo shows (or hate them) you'll love this hilarious send-up." - Timeout new york

"HilarIous! a genuinely funny one-man improv show that surprises and delights. " - Woman Around Town

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