just show up

improvised shows where the audience provides the content

Show Up is Peter Michael Marino's critically acclaimed socially anxious solo comedy that's partially improvised and based on the crazy lives of the audience, who also direct, and run set and sound. Plus, there's a party! Directed by Michole Biancosino + the audience.   

Show Up, Kids


Peter Michael Marino’s Critically acclaimed interactive, improvised family show for 3-10 year old kids puts a comedic twist on the traditional kids’ show when Pete enlists the kids to help write, direct, and design it. What could possibly go wrong?

Show Up


Peter Michael Marino’s Critically acclaimed semi-scripted, semi-improvised one-man, comedic, interactive spin on the traditional solo show is all about the good, bad and ugly experiences of the audience - who also lend a hand in the set & sound design. And there's a party!